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« What is Informal Participation ? », un article co-écrit par Laurence Bherer, Pascale Dufour et Françoise Montambeault

Nos trois professeures Laurence Bherer, Pascale Dufour et Françoise Montambeault co-dirigent l'édition du mois de Mars 2023 de la Revue International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society et signent l'article « What is Informal Participation ? »

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Résumé : Far from activism in formal groups or in visible and vocal demonstrations stands a type of citizen participation observed through everyday practices and daily activities in the public sphere. Targeted citizen actions in urban spaces, dumpster diving, responsible consumption movements or small acts of everyday resistance are all examples of what we call informal modes of participation. Such initiatives are not new, nor do they pertain to a particular geographic arena. However, it is only recently that social scientists have started to pay attention to such activities: scholars from urban studies, development studies, political sociology, and critical geography have started to address this phenomenon. After discussing the existing literature on this topic, this introduction proceeds to define and operationalize the concept of informal participation, while also providing a common analytical framework for dialogue among the six contributions to this special issue briefly described in the last section below.