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ROUNDTABLE: Internationalization: Meanings and practices of French-speaking political scientists, par Laurie Beaudonnet et Claire Dupuy

Introduction du nouveau numéro de la Revue French Politics (avril 2023). 


This roundtable collection of articles explores the diversity and variety of French-speaking political scientist practices and meanings of internationalization in Francophone Belgium, Canada, Switzerland and France. Based on individual trajectories, choices and experiences, this collection illuminates the different shapes that French-speaking political scientist practices of internationalization can take as they are embedded in different professional contexts; that is, their department, their university and their regional or national professional community. Four main themes structure each contribution: first, the meanings of internationalization and the scope and the types of related practices; second, how internationalization, with its different meanings, impacts teaching and research activities; third, how internationalization is part of academic career development and how universities, departments or national research agencies support the internationalization of early career and tenured scholars; and, fourth, the issues associated with internationalization that are discussed in each contributor’s work environment.



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