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Participant/Observer: An Unconventional life in Politics and Academia

De Henry Milner

SYNOPSIS : Some engage in politics; others observe it, but the author of this political memoir is among the few that have had the chance to do both. In these pages, Henry Milner shares his experiences as a student and community activist, an anglophone insider and strategist in the Parti Québécois, and a close observer over several decades of social democracy in practice in Scandinavia and beyond. 


Participant/Observer is a political autobiography of a generation, one that reached maturity in the 1960s and 1970s, told through one person’s story. In concluding, Milner holds out hope that this account of his generations’ successes—and failures—can be of use to current generations as they face the threat posed by populist and authoritarian forces. 


Milner, Henry, 2021. Participant/Observer: An Unconventional life in Politics and Academia, Friesen Press.  


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