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Canada and Southeast Asia in the new Indo-Pacific era

Par le professeur Dominique Caouette

Résumé : Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, announced in 2022, targets a “generational shift” in foreign policy that responds to the growing economic and strategic centrality of the Indo-Pacific. Southeast Asia lies at the heart of that region, making it a critical component of Canada’s foreign policy success or failure in the decade ahead. This article is intended as a primer on the Canada-Southeast Asia relationship, summarizing its complex history, myriad opportunities, and ongoing challenges. It argues that Canada can meet many of its sustainable growth and diversification objectives through effective engagement with Southeast Asia, but Canada must overcome past reputational issues and navigate strategic contradictions in order to harness that potential. Furthermore, the article introduces the research articles and commentaries of this special issue, each of which examine key aspects of the relationship in greater depth.

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