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Overcoming Barriers to Political Participation and Representation: Evidence from Natural Experiments

La présentation sera en anglais.

How does the representation of marginalized communities influence their political participation and their ability to overcome barriers to representation? Analyzing natural experiments from Mexico, in which a party uses lotteries to select candidates for public office, this presentation discusses two research projects that offer new insights into how representation shapes the political participation of underrepresented segments of society. The first paper explores how the representation by politicians from specific communities influence these communities’ political participation. It shows that participation in subsequent elections is significantly higher among constituents who have been represented by randomly selected legislators with a similar social background who are part of local organizational networks (embedded representatives). The second paper tracks the subsequent career advancement of the candidates who participated in these lotteries to investigate how opportunities to gain political experience influence the representation of women in politics.

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Date: 12 janvier, 15h00

Emplacement : Université McGill Ballroom, 3650 Rue McTavish, Montreal, Quebec, CA, H3A 1Y2