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Conférence “The Increasing Viability of Good News”, par Stuart Soroka (University of Michigan)

In spite of what appears to be the increasingly negative tone of media coverage, we suggest that the prevalence of positive news is likely to increase, for three reasons: (1) valence-based asymmetries vary over time, (2) valence-based asymmetries vary across individuals, and (3) technology facilitates diverse news platforms catering to diverse preferences. Each of these claims is examined in detail in this talk, based on analyses of prior and/or novel data on media content, psychophysiological responses, and survey-based experiments. Results are considered as they relate to our understanding of media gatekeeping, political communication, and political psychology; and also as actionable findings for producers of media content, communications platforms, and media consumers. This talk is based on a manuscript co-authored with Yanna Krupnikov (SUNY Stony Brook), forthcoming in Cambridge Elements in Politics and Communication. 


Organisé par le Centre pour l’étude de la citoyenneté démocratique.  


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