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Master's in Political Science

The Master's in Political Science is intended for future researchers and professionals looking for a demanding program, offered by one of the top political science departments in Canada.

There are 2 streams:


  • Research (with thesis or supervised project)
  • Public and international affairs (with internship)
  • Fall and winter admission
  • Limited enrolment
  • Daytime classes
  • Full-time and part-time
  • 45 credits, including
    30 for the thesis
    27 for the supervised project
    27 for the internship


Research (with thesis or supervised project)

For future political science researchers and educators. Under certain conditions, a fast-track master’s degree leading to a PhD is possible.

Public and International Affairs (with internship)

Opens doors to the job market. Three majors possible:

  • Journalism and Political Communication
  • Diplomacy and International Affairs
  • Public Policy

The + of studying political science at the Université de Montréal!